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Get Rid of Cellulite With a Homemade Cream? Really???

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celluliteCellulite is bane of the vane woman. Many health and beauty companies make “miracle creams” that are touted to reduce the appearance of that unsightly stuff.  The beauty industry is skimming the fat out of our wallets for what we hope will skim the fat off our thighs. Cellulite gives a dimpled or lumpy look to the skin, usually on the thighs, abdomen, or buttocks in women — and for some of us, it’s an obsession. Why else would we pay from $20.00 (Nivea) to $270.00 (ReVive) for a bottle of that goop?
We’d like for these tiny lumps of fat to melt away. And we’re willing to try almost anything — creams, massage, lasers, and more. It is solely a cosmetic problem, not an illness or medical condition. It can look like faint dimples or an “orange peel” texture, and may be seen only when the skin is pressed. But for some people cellulite can be very conspicuous, forming large areas of lumpy skin, deep dimples, and creases. While it’s most common on the thighs and backside, it can also occur on the abdomen, upper arms, and breasts.

Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite is caused by fat deposits that sit side-by-side with tough collagen fibers that are anchored to the muscle beneath. When the fibers pull tight, or the fatty areas grow larger, the fat deposits may bulge out. Cellulite is much more common in women than in men. Cellulite is related to the structures within the skin, so even slender women are likely to have some cellulite. And if thin skin runs in your family, the cellulite you have will be more visible.

mother-daughterGenetics is destiny when it comes to cellulite. If your mother has cellulite, you probably will, too. White women are more likely to have cellulite than Asian women. Other risk factors include:
•Hormonal changes in pregnancy

Risk Factors You Can Control:

Although you can’t completely prevent cellulite, your lifestyle choices may affect its appearance. Factors that worsen the condition include:
•Yo-yo dieting
•An excessively high-carbohydrate diet
•An increase in total body fat
•Being inactive
•Fluid retention or being dehydrated

Myth: Tanning Can Hide Cellulite

tanning-bedTanning may make the cellulite less obvious, but when the tan fades, the cellulite might look even worse. That’s because frequent exposure to UV rays can damage the skin, making it thinner and less resilient, according to the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology

Treatment: Weight Loss

If cellulite is caused by fatty deposits, it makes sense that losing weight would be a good strategy. In fact, in a small 2006 study, the appearance of cellulite improved for 17
women enrolled in medically supervised weight loss programs. (The average weight loss was 30 pounds.) However, for nine women, the cellulite actually appeared to worsen, especially if the skin was looser after they lost weight

thigh_creamTopical: Retinol Cream

One study found that applying a 0.3% retinol cream to the area for several weeks improved the appearance of cellulite. The theory is that retinol stimulates skin tissues to create thicker skin that better covers the lumps and bumps of cellulite. Since this is one of two topical treatments creams that seems to show some promise, below is a product you can try. But please be forwarned, you won’t see instant results. It, not cheap, but it does have it’s basis in FDA approved pharmaceuticals. Depending on your outlook…that can be good or bad. 🙂


Topical: thigh cream 2

Some studies suggest improvement in cellulite with the use of creams containing methylxanthines, including caffeine, aminophylline and theophylline, but the extent of improvement is questionable. These creams are thought to act by breaking down fat. So, this is another topical cream with some scientific research showing positive results. The product below is getting rave reviews from people who have used it….and there’s a huge discount on the product, so you can get it at a reasonable price.
3D Shaper, All Over Body Firming and Tightening Cream, Clinically Approved. Immediate Skin Tightening Effect

Topical: Herbal Creamsherbal creams

Herbal creams containing a variety of ingredients, such as gingko biloba, sweet clover, and evening primrose oil, claim to reduce cellulite, perhaps by affecting circulation. But there aren’t any scientific studies to back that up. In fact, one study of 32 anti-cellulite creams contained more than 260 different chemical ingredients. About one-quarter of those ingredients are known to cause allergic reactions in some people


Lipomassage devices knead the skin with a combination of massage and suction. Several different machines are in use at Medispas and dermatology practices, and at least one has been approved by the FDA for a temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Generally, the treatment requires 35-minute sessions twice a week for about 14 weeks. The cellulite is likely to return after the treatments stop


Radiofrequency devices deliver heat — sometimes combined with tissue massage — to damage the underlying fat and connective tissue. This is designed to spur skin tightening and to smooth out the bulges. Small studies have shown some benefits, at least temporarily.

Laser Devices

Laser devices target the underlying connective tissue to build collagen and thicken the skin. They may also apply massage, suction, cooling, and/or radiofrequency to hit cellulite with 3-4 different methods at once. Some small studies have shown some benefits, at least temporarily.


Standard liposuction techniques could actually lead to more skin dimpling, because the fat that causes cellulite lies close to the surface of the skin. Laser-assisted liposuction, with short pulses of high power, has been used to destroy and remove fat under the skin. However, it’s too soon to say if the results will be better than with traditional liposuction. There is a risk of scarring and burns from the laser treatment.


In this invasive technique, a needle is used to snip the connective tissue beneath the skin that is causing the fat deposits to bulge. The long-term results aren’t clear, and the procedure’s effectiveness needs to be validated in scientific studies. The treatment is expensive ($3,500 to $4,000), takes about 90 minutes, and can cause some temporary swelling and bruising


This controversial and unapproved procedure involves injections of fat-dissolving substances beneath the skin, such as phosphatidylcholine, which is a lecithin extract, and sodium deoxycholate, a detergent. The FDA has issued warnings related to “lipodissolve” products. Side effects include swelling, rash, or infection. The FDA says some products have caused “permanent scarring, skin deformation, and painful knots

Body Wrapswrap

Being wrapped in warm, aromatic, “slenderizing” bandages may feel good. It may even temporarily tighten skin or reduce inches through dehydration. But there’s no scientific evidence that body wraps have a lasting effect on cellulite or fat, and the Federal Trade Commission has warned body-wrapping firms not to promise the selective reduction of fat in one part of the body.

celluliteThe Cellulite ‘Cure’

You may be able to minimize your cellulite through lifestyle changes and even products or procedures, but beware of promises to “rid” you of cellulite. The FDA and Federal Trade Commission have forced some companies to stop making such claims. Most treatments at best can improve the appearance of cellulite — while you use them.

**The Bottom Line: A Healthy Lifestyle**

Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no product or treatment that is guaranteed to get rid of cellulite, even the most expensive products only claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Having said that there are things you can do to reduce the appearance of cellulite without breaking the bank to do it.healthy

Diet and exercise won’t get rid of cellulite, but they can improve your skin and muscle tone. A combination of strength training and aerobic exercise, such as jogging or walking, can build muscle and burn fat. Staying hydrated and avoiding a high-carbohydrate diet also can help.

Caffeinated Coffee Scrubcoffee-scrub

Things You’ll Need ~
1 cup sugar
1 cup caffeinated ground coffee
1 cup olive oil (I use less oil & add some water)
1.To make the best cellulite cream, place ingredients in blender
2.Blend on medium speed until you get a smooth mixture
3.Pour cellulite cream in a clean jar with lid
4.When showering, wash and clean your body first then turn off the shower to apply the cream
5.Smooth on cream to problem areas then massage in a circular motion, do this for several minutes
6.Rinse off and pat dry.

The sugar acts as an exfoliant and scrub, while the olive oil works to smooth and hydrate your skin, the caffeinated coffee does the magic!

Cellulite Body Creamcellulite-cream

The accumulation of fat and toxins beneath the surface of the skin causes unsightly marks that many fear are incurable. The truth, however, is that cellulite can be effectively treated if you are able to move those toxins out of your system. One of the best ways to do this is by applying a cellulite cream to the affected areas.

Things You’ll Need ~

Unscented lotion (with natural ingredients, without additives or harmful chemicals)
Witch Hazel lotion
Juniper oil
Rosemary oil
Grapefruit oil
Cypress oil

Start by putting 3 tbsp. of witch hazel lotion in a bowl. Add 10 drops of juniper oil, 10 drops of rosemary oil, 30 drops of grapefruit oil and 30 drops of cypress oil. Blend thoroughly.
Add 8 oz. of your unscented lotion to the mixture of witch hazel and essential oils. Mix until well-blended.
Take the lotion and massage it into the affected area once in the morning and once in the evening. Make sure you massage the lotion in a circular motion until it absorbs into the skin.
Place the mixture in an air-tight container for storage.
Repeat the process every day for at least 3 to 6 weeks. You should begin to see significant improvements within that time frame.


Anti-cellulite cream recipe of avocado and rosemary


Rosemary oil
Avocado Seed
Water, 2 Tbsp.

Mash avocado seeds.
Add two teaspoons of water and rosemary oil until a paste consistency.

Method of application:
massage your affected area in a circular cellulite in direction clockwise.

Rosemary oil stimulates circulation and natural components of avocados help prevent cellulite.
Slimming cream recipe sage and eucalyptus

Luxurious Anti-cellulite cream


You Will Need

Emulsifying Wax

Almond Oil

Coconut Oil

Sunflower Oil

1/2 cup Strongly Brewed Coffee ( use beans not instant that way you can use the left over grounds as a DIY Coffee Body Scrub just add olive oil and voila Coffee Body Scrub )

Essential Oils ( 60 drops per 100ml maximum ) grapefruit essential oil helps to boost digestion, benefits the immune system by helping to clear the lymphatic system, helps with skin problems, and can be used for muscle stiffness, water retention and for bolstering the nervous system. It is also photo toxic and can irritate the skin if exposed to strong sunlight after application so NO sunbaking!!

2-3 Vitamin E Capsules

Glass Jar

Mixing Spoon


*According to Esthetician Jennifer Tanner, when coffee is applied topically it redistributes fat cells and helps to prevent cellulite from forming. She goes on to say that it helps to get rid of varicose veins by shrinking and tightening your blood vessels*


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